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Installing Easy Grade Pro 4.0 on Windows
Easy Grade Pro for windows installs like any other windows application. The instructions below are meant for installation of Easy Grade Pro at home (work at home). If you would like EGP installed in your office, please contact the Technology Services  department at x4477 or via email techs'at' (substitute @ for 'at').
System Requirements:
In order to install and run Easy Grade Pro, your PC must meet or exceed the following system requirements :
  • Windows 2000
  • 128MB of RAM

Begin by downloading Easy Grade Pro for Windows to your desktop using the link below:

Download Easy Grade Pro

Access the serial number here

The download comes in the form of a zip file so use your favorite unzip utility to extract the install files. Windows XP or better has a built-in zip extraction tool. Simply right mouse click the file and select extract (see below).

Unzip the EGP Installer

Once you have extracted the installer files, double-click the "setup.exe" to begin the installation (see below):

EGP Setup executabile

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