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 Draft forms and documents

Below are links to draft documents currently being discussed and considered by the SLO Committee and/or Academic Senate.

Self-Evaluation, Worksheet, an Excel file.

Self-Evaluation, Instructions and Definitions for the Worksheet


 A Short Selection of On-line References

The URLs listed were accurate as of September, 2009.  Our campus CRC website also has a selection of on-line references.


Other Handbooks and Guides:

Writing Student Learning Outcomes, A Beginners' Guide, ASCCC

Guiding Principles for SLO Assessments, ASCCC, 2010

Data 101, Guiding Principles for Faculty, 2010, ASCCC

Authentic Assessment PowerPoint (From a workshop at Rio Hondo College)

Creating Authentic Assessments, SLO Institute, 2011. (A workbook used for conference presentation.)



California State University   (Yes, CSU campuses are also working on SLOs.) Assessment link opens a list of a dozen or so links to a variety of on-line references.

The Rubrics link opens a page with basic information about rubrics.   At the bottom of the page is a link to a long list of rubric examples used on CSU campuses and other institutions.

(This link updated on March 25, 2013.)


North Carolina State University   (Yes, campuses across the country have SLOs.)

Extensive annotated and regularly updated list of Internet resources for higher education outcomes assessment.  Listed by category as follows:

General Resources

Assessment Handbooks

Assessments of Specific Skills and Content

Individual Institutions’ Assessment Related Pages

State Boards and Commissions

Accrediting Bodies

Student Assessments (Evaluations) of Courses and Faculty


Center for Student Success

Research and Planning (RP) Group for California Community Colleges

This site has archived a large collection of “case studies” (examples) of SLO work from many California Community College campuses.  Use the learning assessment tab.  This takes you to a page where you select the type of case study you would like to investigate:

Institutional/College Level                            Program/Major Level                                                                                   

Course/Class Level                                       Basic Skills

Occupational/Technical                                General Education

Library/Learning Assistance                         Student Services/Student Development

Templates/Rubrics/Tools                              College Department Processes

Bibliographies/Guides/Readings                   San Diego Student Success Conference, 2006

Once you select the type of case study, you are presented with a detailed annotated list of links to the work of other campuses. 


Janet Fulks of Bakersfield College has written an online Handbook.  Some of the material in this document is borrowed (with permission) from her website.  She also has an extensive list of links to other online sources.


Mt. SAC in Walnut (LA area), CA has an excellent SLO/AUO web site.


Chaffey College Toolkit--Links to Resources and Examples organized by Core Competency


Accreditation Institute 2011 Power Point: Using SLO Evidence in Planning and Resource Allocation 


Bloom’s Taxonomy

Or do a Google search as there are many similar websites about Bloom’s Taxonomy


There are 7 regional accrediting commissions of higher education in the US.  All require SLOs.
Two are part of WASC (ACCJC and ACSCU).  Links to the other 5 are given below.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Philadelphia)

Follow the link to Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education- 2009 Edition

from the following URL:

See Standard 14—Assessment of Student Learning.


New England Association of Colleges and Schools

See summary for standard 4.44 from the following:


North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (Chicago)

See the link to Student Learning, Assessment and Accreditation from the following URL


Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

See Standard 2B on the following webpage:


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

SLOs are discussed in the Quality Enhancement Plan


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