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Federal Work-Study  



Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally funded program designed to assist students in paying for educational expenses and to provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience related to his/her course of study. The program is also designed to provide students with an employment position that is flexible with class schedules. Students are determined eligible based on the information that is submitted to the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once a student is determined eligible, the student is awarded a FWS allotment for the academic year. The student is able to earn their allotment through part-time employment at the various departments on campus. However, a FWS award is not a guarantee of a job nor a guarantee that you will earn all of your award amount. The student must apply and interview for the FWS job(s) and the amount the student earn is dependent upon the job you obtain. 
 If you are interested in FWS, please click
HERE to view the eligibility criteria.
 Please keep in mind that  meeting the criteria does not guarantee a FWS award. The number of FWS awards given each academic year is contingent upon the amount of FWS funds made available to the institution. It is likely that there will always be more students that meet the criteria than the number of students given a FWS award. If this is the case, first priority will be given to those that completed the FAFSA first.

Federal Work-Study Job Referral Process

Please read the following information if you have been awarded a 2013-2014 Federal Work-Study award by the Office of Financial Assistance!

*Step 1: View the list of the FWS student positions that are available on campus by clicking on the link below . A password is required to view the list. If you do  not remember the password, please refer to the 2013-2014 FWS award notification email that was sent to you.

2013-2014 Federal Work-Study Job Listing

*Step 2: View the list and contact the individual listed under the Job Description to inquire about the student position. You will go through an interview process and it is up to the department to make final hiring decisions. The Office of Financial Assistance is not involved in the hiring process. 

*Step 3: If the department decides to hire you, you will be required to complete a Student Employment Card and FWS Work-Site Contract Form, which will be given to you by the department. The Student Employment Card and the FWS Work-Site Contract Form will be forwarded to the Office of Financial Assistance for verification that you are a 2013-2014 FWS award recipient. 

*Step 4: If you are a NEW student employee, the department will send you along with the completed Student Employment Card to the Human Resources Office (AA-201) to complete the hiring process. You are considered “new” if you have never worked on campus for any department before. 

IMPORTANT: A Federal Work-Study award is NOT a guarantee of a job nor a guarantee that you will earn all of your award amount. The Job placement process is highly competitive. You must apply and interview for the FWS job(s) and the amount you earn is dependent upon the job you obtain.


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