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Some courses require that you first take another course to learn specific knowledge, skills or ability that you will need for the course in which you are interested. This is called a prerequisite.

A course that is required to be taken at the same time or in conjunction with another is a co-requisite.
Sometimes a course will have an advisory that recommends completion of another course first, even though it is not required. If you ignore this advice, you may not be successful in the course.

How to register in a course with a prerequisite or co-requisite:
  • If you successfully completed the prerequisite or co-requisite
    at CCC, you will automatically be allowed to register.
  • If you are currently enrolled at CCC in the course that is
    a prerequisite for the course in which you wish to enroll,
    you will be allowed to register. But, if you don’t pass the
    prerequisite course with a grade of “C” or better, you will be
    dropped by the Admissions & Records Office from the new
  • If you completed the prerequisite course at another college,
    you must have it verified by the CCC Admissions & Records
    Office or a CCC counselor. You must submit an official college
    transcript at least two weeks before you register, and
    complete a “Request for Waiver of Prerequisite.”

Note: Your English and/or math assessment score may exempt you from a prerequisite within these disciplines. This is true for your initial score.

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