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Catalog Rights and Graduation Requirements


The college catalog is your contract with the college. It is important to know that when you enter Contra Costa College for the first time, the catalog in effect at that time will be valid for the entire time that you are continuously enrolled. Continuous enrollment means that you have completed (received a grade of A, B, C, D, F, I, or P on your transcript) at least one course per academic year until you receive your degree. For example, to be considered continuously enrolled, you may enroll in fall term and complete a course, skip spring term and summer session, and re-enroll the following fall. It is very important that you understand “continuous enrollment” if you are working toward a degree, because requirements for a degree may change during the time it takes you to complete your studies. If the degree requirements change during your time at Contra Costa College, you may earn your degree by completing the requirements that were in effect when you started. However, you may, choose to graduate under the terms of any of the catalogs published during your period of “continuous enrollment” preceding your eligibility for graduation. If there is a break in your education and you are not “continuously enrolled” as stated above, you will be subject to the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time you re-enroll.





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