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A “unit,” as used in the catalog and in the course schedule,
means a “unit of credit.” Generally, one semester unit of credit is
awarded for three hours of work per week per term. In most college
courses, one unit is awarded for a lecture course that meets for
one hour a week because the student is expected to spend two
hours in preparation for the lecture. One unit of credit is offered
for a laboratory, field work, drawing, music, practical arts, or
other type of instruction that meets three hours a week, since
this type of course usually does not require additional study
or preparation. Thus, a lecture class that meets for three hours
per week would offer three units of credit. A physical education
activity class that meets for two hours per week would offer one
unit of credit.
The normal load carried by a full time student is twelve units. You
are considered a half time student if you are enrolled in at least six
units. For more information, see Study Load.
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