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The student grievance procedure is based on resolving an issue at
the most appropriate level in an efficient and equitable manner.
Stage I
1. If a complaint is not resolved between the instructor and
the student, the student will be referred to the department
chairperson (if this is not the same person as the instructor).
The department chairperson may call the instructor
and student for an informal conference to attempt to
resolve the problem.
2. If the complaint is not resolved at the department chairperson
level, the division dean will ask the student to put into
writing the issues involved, using the Student Grievance
Form. The form is available in each division office.
3. Within five working days of the receipt of the Student Grievance
Form, the division dean will call the instructor and
the student together to discuss and attempt to resolve the
problem. If the instructor is retired or no longer at the college,
then the department chairperson will be involved in
this conference.
Stage II
1. If the complaint is not resolved at the division dean level,
the division dean will assist the student in making an appointment
with the senior dean of students. The senior
dean will attempt to resolve the issue by meeting with the
student and the instructor.
2. If a complaint involves the issue of discrimination or harassment,
the senior dean will direct the student to pursue
Board policy 2002 (Governing Board policy for the Investigation
and Resolution of Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination).
3. If the complaint involves other issues, the senior dean will
direct the student to the appropriate manager or to the
Grievance Committee.
4. The Grievance Committee meets when necessary to hear
complaints involving disputed grades, contents of records,
or other unresolved issues. The committee hears the complaint,
deliberates, and makes a recommendation to the
A. Membership of the Grade Grievance Committee is
as follows:
Standing Committee:
• Three members of the Academic Senate Appeals
Committee, one of whom will serve as
• The senior dean of students (resource person)
• Classified staff representative
• Student representative
Other Committee Members:
• Division dean (not the involved division)
B. The Grievance Committee will be convened within
thirty (30) days of receipt of the Student Grievance
Form. Prior to the meeting of the Grievance
Committee, the chairperson will collect documentation
from the student grieving, as well as
from the instructor. This documentation will be
distributed to all committee members no later
than three (3) working days prior to the meeting.
If the documentation is not available, then the
grievance committee meeting will be delayed until
the information is available.
C. While no attorneys are to be present at the grievance
committee, both student and instructor may
bring one representative to the grievance committee
D. Grievance committee meetings will be taped.
E. Both student and instructor will be present during
the grievance committee meeting.
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