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Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. It is a violation
of the Federal Civil Rights Statutes of 1964; Title VII of the
Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, as amended;
Government Code Sections 12940 (i) and (j) of the California
Fair Employment and Housing Act; and Government code
Section 19702 of the State Civil Service Act.
It is the policy of the District to provide an educational
environment free from any form of sexual harassment directed
at any employee, student, or other person while engaged in
business activities for or with the District.
Sexual harassment is defined as unsolicited and unwelcome
sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal,
physical, or visual conduct of a sexual nature which occurs under
any one of three circumstances:
• Submission is made -either explicitly or implicitly-  as a term or
condition of employment or successful completion of a course.
• Submission or rejection by an employee/student is used as
a basis for decisions affecting the employee or student.
• Such conduct has the potential to affect an employee/student’s
work performance negatively and/or create an intimidating,
hostile, or otherwise offensive working environment.
Procedure - Sexual Harassment Complaint
The District has a responsibility to fully investigate and resolve
complaints of sexual harassment. Any person who feels he/she
has been sexually harassed may file a discrimination complaint
with the Director of Business Services, following the procedures
outlined for filing a discrimination complaint.


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