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It is possible to repeat a class only in certain circumstances as follows:
1. In the course description in the catalog, the class is identified
as eligible for repetition; or
2. The class is eligible for grade remediation by repetition.  
Students are now limited to three (3) total enrollments for most credit courses. Students will not be allowed to repeat a course more than twice without documented evidence of exentuating circumstances. 'W' grades are counted as enrollments.
***Exception: The Biological Science Department has limited the enrollment of some Biological Science courses to two (2).  Please contact the Biological Sciences department for more information.
Reasons to Repeat a Class:

A.      You received a substandard grade (D, F, NP or NC) and you have not enrolled in the course more than twice (β€œW” counts as an enrollment attempt);

B.      Courses properly designated by a district as repeatable.  (The Contra Costa Community College District did not designate this course as repeatable.)

C.      Variable unit courses offered on an open-entry/open-exit basis.  (This class does not qualify)

D.      Extenuating Circumstances.  (Must be documented, documentation must be provided by student, ex medical emergency)

E.       Occupational work experience courses.  (Unit requirements are determined by the College, see college catalog)

F.       Students with disabilities repeating a special class

G.      Legally mandated courses (To maintain licensing student must repeat a course,  documentation must be provided)

H.      Courses necessary as a result of significant change of industry or licensure standards.  (Documentation must be provided).  This is generally a result from a significant lapse of time from previous enrollment. (Recency requirement.)

It is also recommended that you make an appointment with a counselor.  If you are ineligible to repeat the course please inquire with your instructor the option to audit the course.
Download a Petition to Repeat.
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