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      Enrollment Fee Refunds
       No refund of the enrollment fee will be made if you withdraw
     from semester-length classes after the first two weeks of
     instruction. For short-term classes the refund deadline is
     set at 10% of the class (i.e., if class is 10 weeks long, the
     deadline would be the end of the first week). Refund checks
     will be mailed to students the first week of each month.
     You may receive a refund if:
     1. You drop the class by the deadline date. No refund
         will be made to any student who withdraws from
         classes later than two weeks from the day the class
         begins (or after 10% of classes that meet for a term
         shorter than 18 weeks). Ask your instructor for the
         refund drop date for any short-term class and for
         summer session classes.
     2. You become eligible for an enrollment fee deferment
          from an outside agency after you have paid your
          enrollment fee. Have the agency submit to the
          Cashier's Office the document describing the deferment.
     3. You become eligible for a fee waiver after you have paid
          your enrollment fees.
     4. The fee was collected in error. These are fees you do not
          owe for any of the following reasons:
          a. Cancelled Class (by the College)
          b. Your enrollment was cancelled by the College (academic
               or other dismissal)
          c. Books for the course were not available
          d. You qualified for state financial aid later in the term
          e. Death of the student.
    The policy and procedures for refunds of fees were
     established in accordance with the Contra Costa Community
     College District and apply to all the colleges and centers
     within the District. The policy and procedures are in accordance
     with district business procedure 7.09 "Non Resident Fees and
     Determination of Residence" and business procedure 7.06
     "Enrollment Fees." They are based on California law and the
     California Education Code.
      Enrollment fee refunds will be calculated and made
      automatically by the District if you are eligible.
      In the event of a complete withdrawal, refund checks will
      be processed immediately upon student request. In an
      emergency, contact the Admissions & Records Office.
      Refund checks for partial withdrawals will be processed
      after the first two weeks of instruction.
      Refund of fees paid by a personal check will be made
      after a 30 day hold to allow the check to clear the bank.
      A refund will not be made if you have other outstanding
      debts to the college.
      Refund checks will be mailed to the student address on
      file in the college Admissions & Records Office.
      If you have a new address, please notify the Admissions &
      Records Office at the time of withdrawal or change of
      The District Office processes refund checks monthly.
      All refund checks will be made payable to the student,
      whether the fees were paid by cash, check, money order,
      cashier's check or credit card.
      Allow at least two weeks from the date you dropped the
      class or withdrew from college for receipt of the refund check,
      except if you paid by personal check, your refund check
      will be mailed 30 days after you paid your last fees, to
      allow time for the check to clear.
      If you purchased a term-length parking permit for the
      current semester, and then drop ALL your courses
      within the first two weeks of instruction (or by 10% of the
      length of short-term courses), you may request a refund
      of the parking permit fee. You must return your parking
      decal to the Cashier's Office for a refund. Your refund  check
      will be mailed to you.
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