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Students are placed on probation for failing to meet standards
of academic achievement.
Definition of Terms

• For academic probation or dismissal, “all units completed”
means the total units assigned the evaluative symbols A, B, C,
D, or F on your permanent record.
• For progress probation or dismissal, ”all units enrolled”
means the total of units completed (as defined above) plus the
total of units assigned the symbols W, I, CR, NC, IP and RD.
• Academic probation: If, since first enrolling, you have
attempted 12 or more units and your grade point average drops
below 2.0, you will be placed on academic probation.
• Progress probation: You are subject to progress probation
after you have enrolled in at least 12 semester units. You will be
placed on progress probation if you received grades of W, IP, and
NC which account for 50 percent or more of all units enrolled.

You will be dismissed from college if you fail to meet standards
of academic achievement as described below. For purposes of
dismissal, “consecutive terms” shall be those consecutive terms
in which you enrolled, even if you skip a term or more. Consecutive
terms of probation will be counted beginning with the end
of the first term of academic or progress deficiency. Dismissal
may terminate any future enrollment. You may question any status
of dismissal through the Senior Dean of Students (SSC-111).
• Academic dismissal: If your cumulative grade point average
is less than 2.0 for three consecutive terms, you will be
dismissed unless your grade point average in the most recent
term of enrollment is 2.25 or higher.
• Progress dismissal: You will be dismissed after three consecutive
terms of progress probation unless, in the most recent
term, you completed more than 50 percent of the units in which
you were enrolled for that term.
Administrative Holds
If you are placed on academic or progress dismissal, an
administrative hold will be placed on your record, barring
you from enrollment. If you are subject to probation, dismissal,
or an administrative hold, the conditions apply to you at any
college or center within the Contra Costa Community College
Notification of Probation and Dismissal

If you are placed on probation or dismissal, you will be notified
of your classification by letter from the office of the senior dean
of students. You must then meet with a counselor to discuss
your status. Any subsequent enrollment in any course will be
based on an agreement between you and the counselor. If you
are on academic or progress probation, you will be expected to
follow the recommendations of a counselor, which may involve
enrolling in specific courses or other appropriate interventions
as outlined on the Probation Student Agreement form.
Removal from Probation or Dismissal
If you are on academic probation Level I or II or dismissal for a
grade point deficiency, you will be removed from probation when
your accumulated GPA is 2.0 or higher.

If you are on progress probation because of an excess number of
units for which W, I, IP, NP, and NC are recorded, you will be removed
from probation when the percentage of units in this category
drops below 50 percent.
Appeal for Reinstatement
If you wish to appeal your dismissal, you must complete a Petition
for Reinstatement form, that may obtained from the Senior Dean
of Students or the Counseling Center. As part of the appeal
process, you must meet with a counselor to develop an
individualized plan for academic success. This meeting and planning
must take place before the counselor forwards your Petition for
Reinstatement to the Senior Dean of Students. The Student
Services Appeals Committee will make the final determination
regarding reinstatement. You will be notified by letter of the
Appeals Committee’s decision to approve or deny your petition.
Timeline for Appeals
Appeals for reinstatement into the fall term must be submitted
to the Counseling Center by 5:00 p.m. on August 2nd (or the last
working day before August 2nd). The Appeals Committee will meet
to consider such appeals prior to the start of the Fall term.
Appeals for reinstatement into the Spring term must be submitted
to the Counseling Center by 5:00 p.m. on December 1 (or the
last working day before December 1). The Appeals Committee will
meet to consider such appeals prior to the end of the Fall term.
If you seek reinstatement into the Spring term following a previous
Fall term dismissal, you will be allowed to enroll in the
Spring, and your dismissal will be deferred until the following
Fall term. You may appeal your dismissal by adhering to the
August 2nd deadline. In these circumstances, you are still subject
to all probation policies and procedures and must meet with a
counselor in order to initiate the reinstatement process. If you
want to have your petition reviewed prior to the end of the Spring
term, or you wish to enroll in Summer session, you must file your
petition by April 1st (or the last work day before April 1st).
Petitions received after April 1st will not be considered until after
the August 2nd deadline.
If you have been dismissed, you will not automatically be
readmitted after one term of dismissal. Your entire record,
including appointments with counselors, will be reviewed
prior to consideration for reinstatement. If you are readmitted,
you will be subject to the requirements of the probation and
dismissal policies.
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