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The following evaluative and non-evaluative symbols (grades) are used:
Grade Pts
Passing, Less then satisfactory
No Pass
In Progress beyond end of term
Delay in reporting grade
*An incomplete grade must be  made up no later than one year
following the assignment of an "I" or it will automatically revert
to the alternate grade indicated by the instructor. Incompletes
will only be given in cases where there are extenuating circumstances
such as accident, illness, or family emergency.  
For more information regarding the Incomplete option, please 
Grading Options
Each of the courses in the schedule of classes is identified with
one of the following designations:
LR means that only letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) will be assigned to
the course.
P/NP means that all grades assigned in the course will be on a
pass/not pass basis. A grade of P means the student has performed "C"
work or better; a grade of NP means course requirements were
not satisfactorily met. No grade points are assigned to P/NP classes, thus
the GPA (grade point average) of the student will not be affected.
Students earning a P grade will have the units applied toward the
60 required for the Associate degree. The University of California
will accept as many as 14 units of Pass. NP will affect progress probation.
Avoid NP in your major field. In the past Pass/No Pass was known as
Credit/No Credit (CR/NC).
SC indicates the student has the option to take the course for either
a letter grade or on a pass/not pass basis. The student will be asked
to declare a preference by entering into a "contract" no later than the
end of the fourth week for semester-length courses or 30 percent of
the term for short term classes. Contract cards are available in the
Admissions & Records office. Students are encouraged to discuss the
implications of the pass/not pass grading system with their instructors
or a counselor.
Withdrawal from Courses
For more information on the withdrawal option, please click here.
A "W" grade is assigned if you withdraw (drop) from a course
within the allowed time. No grade points or units are recorded.
The "W" does not affect your GPA. The "W" grade is used in
calculating progress probation.
The grading and recording of grades on withdrawal from a course
are governed by the following conditions:
A withdrawal reported during the first four weeks of instruction in
a semester-length course, or during the first 30 percent of instruction
in a summer-term or short-term course will not appear on your
official academic record.
A withdrawal reported after the fourth week of instruction during
the Fall or Spring term in a semester-length course will be
recorded on your official academic record as a "W" grade. For
summer intersession and short-term courses, a withdrawal
reported between the completion of 30 percent and 75 percent
of instruction will be recorded on your official academic record as
a "W" grade.
If you do not withdraw from a course by the end of the fourteenth
week of instruction in semester-length courses or by the completion of
75 percent of instruction in summer session and short-term courses,
you must receive an authorized grade for the course other than
a "W".
For short term courses, a withdrawal reported between the
completion of 30 percent and 75 percent of instruction will be
recorded on your official academic record as a "W" grade. Ask
your instructor for the withdrawal date for your particular short
term course.
The College does not mail end-of-term grades. You may view them on
Webadvisor or listen to them on the telephone registration system
by calling (866) 455-8734.
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