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Important: If you enroll in a course, even if you do not ever
attend a class meeting,
you are still considered enrolled
until you officially drop the course.   If you do not wish to attend a course, or if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending,
you should drop the course via the InSite Portal.
To drop a course in which you are officially enrolled:
• Logon to InSite Portal to drop the class online  
Please note that you are still responsible for all fees associated with a class after you have enrolled. This is true in some cases even if the class has been dropped.  Pay attention to refund deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar to avoid paying for classes you don't plan to attend the entire term.
See also Refund Policy.
Drop From Courses for Non-attendance

It is your responsibility as a student to officially withdraw from
courses by the deadline date if you do not plan to attend a class. However, the instructor has the right to drop you in the following circumstances:
1. Absence from the first meeting of the class
2. Absence from six hours of class
If you are dropped from a course for non-attendance, you
will receive a grade in accordance with the college grade policy.
If it is not possible for you to drop a course online due to current fees being due (which you currently cannot pay) or an academic dismissal, you may do so by completing a drop slip at the Admissions & Records Office in SSC-115.  All students who are eligible to drop coures online must do so.  If you do not have access to a computer, access is available in the lobby of the Student Services Center Building.
Withdrawal From College

If you have an emergency and find that you must leave school altogether, you should contact the office of the Vice President (AA-203, ext. 4216), and all your instructors, if possible. They will assist you in dropping classes if you are unable to do it yourself. If you leave school and do not officially drop your classes, you most likely will receive failing grades.
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View of CCC Quad
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