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Under certain circumstances, it is possible to get credit for a course by taking an exam. This is known as challenging a course by examination. You may obtain a list of challengeable courses from the Admissions & Records Office.
You can challenge a course by examination only if:
1. You are a currently enrolled student;
2. You have completed a minimum of 12 units at CCC;
3. You have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher;
4. You have not attempted the course (e.g., enrolled in the class); and
5. You have completed not more than 12 units via Credit by Exam.
It is important to be aware that if a course is challenged by examination and the result is a fail, the failing grade will be recorded on your transcript. Courses for which you have already received credit may not be challenged by examination.
Credit by Exam courses cannot be counted toward the 12.0 unit residency requirement for graduation.
Students who wish to challenge a course using Credit by Exam must pay all associated enrollment fees.
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