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Petition for Academic Renewal

Substandard grades may be excluded from GPA calculation if they do not reflect your demonstrated academic ability-- this is called "Academic Renewal".  Obtain and complete a Petition for Academic Renewal or pick one up at the Admissions & Records Office.

If Academic Renewal is approved, your permanent record will be noted with Academic Renewal comments and the renewed units will be removed.  The renewed course(s) will not be removed from the record, as the district is required to show the student’s complete and accurate academic record.
Students MUST meet with a counselor to review the Petition for Academic Renewal as this procedure is not reversible.
1. You may only utilize Academic Renewal one time.
2. Only substandard grades will be renewed (D, F, NC or NP).

3. You must have completed 20 units of satisfactory work since receiving the last substandard grade(s), completed within the Contra Costa Community College District or at any other accredited college or university. The unit count begins the semester after the last substandard grade was received.

4. The student must not have received any D’s, F’s or NC/NP since the substandard work (minimum 2.0 GPA required since substandard work).

5. Courses that have already been removed from GPA by course repetition are not eligible for Academic Renewal.

6. There is no minimum or maximum time limit (no waiting period since the substandard work, so long as all other requirements have been met).

7. Up to 24 units may be renewed; district courses may be combined up to the 24 unit maximum, however each college will adjust its own work – submit one petition per college.
How to Obtain Academic Renewal
1. Print a Petition for Academic Renewal form or obtain one
from  the Admissions & Records Office;
2. Meet with a counselor to make sure you qualify and obtain an approval signature;
3. Submit the completed petition to CCC Admissions & Records (or to each college, if also requesting renewal at LMC and/or DVC). If you are using non-district courses to qualify for the 20 units (see item #3 above), official transcripts must be on file at Admissions & Records prior to submitting your Petition.
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