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Alternate Media

Welcome to Alternate Media Services at Contra Costa College. As part of Disabled Students’ Programs and Services (DSPS), we are here to provide students with disabilities alternate formats of textbooks and other instructional materials that are required for classes. It is the student’s responsibility to request alternate media.


What is Alternate Media?

Alternate media refers to printed materials produced in alternate formats that are critical to the success of students with disabilities. For such students, text would typically be provided in Braille, large print or electronic text formats.


Who is eligible for Alternate Media?

Eligible students include those who are blind, have low vision, have mobility impairments that impact the ability to hold texts, or have specific learning disabilities. Based on the students’ educational limitations, students use alternate media in different ways. For more information on eligibility to receive instructional material in alternate formats please contact Disabled Students’ Programs & Services at (510) 215-3969.


Why is Alternate Media important?

Alternate Media doesn’t just provide general access to educational materials it provides effective communication access to our students. Contra Costa College, Alternate Media and Disabled Students’ Programs and Services are committed to providing students with equal access to educational materials in order for them to succeed in all of their educational endeavors.

Students are eligible to receive instructional materials in an alternate format provided they meet the following conditions:


·         The student is registered in the requested course at the college.

·         The student has submitted his/her request for alternate media and purchased the required instructional material.

·         The student will use the alternate formats solely for his or her own educational purposes and will not copy or duplicate it for use by others.

·         The instructional material is required or essential to the student's success in the course.

·         Requests will be filled in a timely manner.

·         Whenever possible, materials are provided in the alternate format preferred by the student (i.e. Braille, audio, large print, electronic text).



Federal and State Regulations: California Code of Regulations, Section 55002; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Assembly Bill 422.


Guidelines for Producing Instructional and Other Printed Materials in Alternate Media for Persons with Disabilities, Chancellors Office California Community Colleges Sacramento, California, April 2000.

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