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Contra Costa College Chronology
  • 1948
    • Contra Costa County citizens vote to establish a community college district.
  • 1949
    • October: District superintendent Drummond McCunn negotiates with the U.S. Maritime Commission for the use of a portion of the Richmond shipyards as a campus.
  • 1950
    • February 14: The first classes are held at Contra Costa Junior College, West Campus.
    • John Porterfield is the college's first director.
    • The student newspaper, The Blue and Gray Newsletter, begins publication.
    • Students vote on a college mascot. "Wolves" is the winner, but opposition is so strong that the selection is set aside.
    • First athletes to represent the "Royal Blue and Silver Gray" is the track team.
    • May: First student government officers elected.
    • June: The first graduating class is composed of three students.
    • 1,500 students register for the fall semester (up from 460 the first semester).
    • The football team is first to be known as the "Comets" (named for the celestial comets)
  • 1951
    • March 26: the Board of Trustees renames the college West Contra Costa Junior College.
  • 1953
    • April 14: The formal deed to approximately half of the property on which the current campus sits is acquired from the U.S. government.
    • Almost simultaneously, the remainder of the campus (the part known as "Tank Farm Hill") is purchased from John J. Jerome.
    • John Porterfield resigns as the director of the college.
    • Joseph P. Cosand is chosen as the new director.
  • 1954
    • Construction of the Humanities Building approved. Construction begins in the summer.
  • 1955
    • February 6: A fire destroys the Life Sciences Building at the shipyard campus.
    • The baseball team doesn't have a home field, but it doesn't matter -- they win the state championship trophy, the only one in the college's history (so far).
  • 1956
    • Fall: Classes begin at the new campus (half in San Pablo, half in Richmond).
    • The campus consists of the Humanties and Physical Sciences Buildings, 10 temporary buildings, a temporary parking lot, and an athletic field.
    • Preliminary figures show a daytime enrollment of 1,134.
    • 146 students are declared eligible to join the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society.
    • Construction of the Physical Sciences Building and Men's Locker Room approved.
  • 1957
    • August 3: The lease on the shipyard campus is cancelled.
    • Fall: Dr. George J. Faul is named the new director (later president) of West Contra Costa Junior College.
    • The student newspaper changes its name to Comet's Tale
  • 1958
    • The college changes its name to Contra Costa College.
    • Dean of Instruction Dale Tillery resigns. He is replaced by natural science instructor Raymond S. Dondero.
    • Construction of the Student Association Building is approved.
  • 1959
    • Faculty members Dr. Charles Lovy and Shully Miller are granted sabbaticals, the first in the college's history.
    • Construction of the Biological Sciences Building approved.
Text/photographs courtesy of the College Archives, THE ADVOCATE, and the Graphics Department.
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